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Règles et stratégies Video Poker

Video Poker Rules

How to win at Video Poker?

The only way to win Video Poker is to form a winning combination inspired by classic poker hands with two card deals.

At the start, the player is given 5 cards. He can then choose which card he wants to keep and which ones he wants to change. It is possible to change your hand entirely or, on the contrary, to keep them all.

Then the player sees the cards selected to be replaced, changed then his new hand, definitive this time, this form.

If a winning combination is present, then he collects money according to the payout table. Otherwise he won nothing.

Unlike Table Poker, Video Poker is a solitaire game. The player therefore does not need to take into account the reactions of other opponents and thus relies solely on his own probabilities to construct his strategy.

The possible combinations:

  • No combination: No combinations
  • One pair: Two cards of the same rank
  • Double pair: Two pairs
  • Three of a kind: Three cards of the same value
  • Straight: Five consecutive cards
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit
  • Full: A pair and a set
  • Square: Four cards of the same rank
  • Straight flush: Straight to the same suit
  • Royal straight flush: Ace straight flush

Video Poker Tips and Strategies

A real surge on online casinos, Video Poker is experiencing an unprecedented popularity among players who appreciate this game, which is as much traditional poker as it is slot machines. Of all the Video Poker variations that are available to players, Jacks or Better is without a doubt the most popular. To learn the rules of this game and be able to establish winning strategies, read the following carefully.

Jacks or Better: The Rules of the Game

To play Jacks or Better, nothing could be simpler: The rules of the game are immediately assimilated and it is against the casino that you will have to compete. After the cards have been dealt, you will have the opportunity to keep or not your cards in order to have the most favorable combination.

To be able to win Jacks or Better, you must have a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces in your game. It is these combinations that the name Jacks or Better refers to, the word jack meaning Jack in English.

To win Jacks or Better, you will need to have certain combinations to win. Among these are for example the Straight (5 consecutive cards), the Full House (A pair and a set) or a Royal Flush (A succession of a 10, a jack, a queen, of a king and an ace of the same suit).

Jacks or Better: The different strategies

If you are playing Jacks or Better, there are several strategies that can help you achieve significant wins. Whatever strategy you choose, take the time to analyze your game and find the most appropriate method. Among the tactics that will often pay off is always keeping the hand if you have a straight, a square or a full.

Likewise, if you have a set, trade the remaining cards in order to try and get a Full House. Alternatively, if you have a winning combination that does not pay much, it will be better to keep it than to risk losing this gain, however relative it may be.

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