Online French Roulette by NetEnt

Discover NetEnt French Roulette

The traditional French Roulette casino game from Netent has been produced with the greatest care and offers a successful experience in accordance with the expectations of players.

Find unique sensations by taking a seat at the table thanks to the quality of finish provided for this title by the experts at Netent and live a unique and thrilling video-game experience.

French Roulette, a variation of the classic game

In this version the players have to bet on which line or which number the ball will land to then find out if they won or not. Discover the result thanks to the simple, clear and refined interface, a real feast for our eyes!

Play French Roulette online

French roulette bonus “Le Partage” and “En prison”

With its specific bonuses, Netent’s game offers very attractive winning possibilities. The Le Partage bonus offers you a chance to recover part of your stake if the ball lands on zero.

As for the In Prison bonus, it works a bit similar to the Le Partage bonus, however: when the ball hits zero, your bet will be blocked until the next round. If you lose you get nothing but if you win you get double!